covertec - covertec - the system for surface protection and safety

The first covertec tools were already developed and delivered to customers by ekatec in 2005. In the meantime, the covertec system is available for almost all assembly tools. The aim in the development of covertec is to offer a complete system to prevent surfacedamage during the assembly process. With the covertec system, damage to the surface is significantly reduced, thereby reducing production costs. The risk of injury is significantly reduced when using covertec tools compared to standard assembly tools. In the meantime, complete assembly lines are equipped with covertec tools and it is the standard in the automotive industry.

The covertec coating

The special properties of the covertec tools are achieved through the special covertec coating, which has emerged from many test series. This coating prevents surface damage to the vehicle, partially improves the attachment of the tools to the screwing case and increases the safety of machine-driven tools, since it envelops the rotating tool parts that are otherwise exposed, thus significantly reducing the risk of injury.

The covertec product range

With the covertec product range, 100% of tightening cases can already be covered in many vehicle assemblies. If a suitable covertec tool is not available for a screwdriving application, the ekatec tool specialists can develop it according to customer requirements in the shortest possible time.
The product range in the covertec area includes the following product groups:

  • covetec bits, bit holders and accessories
  • covertec sockets and accessories
  • covertec extension and accessories
  • covertec click shells
  • covertec coating
  • covertec tool accessories

covertec - the goals:

Optimize economy

Damage during assembly is a cost factor that significantly affects cost-effectiveness. Avoiding assembly damage is therefore at the top of the list of economic factors for vehicle assembly. The rework necessary due to assembly damage (checking, polishing, painting, replacing, ...) ties up resources on the one hand and extends the average assembly times considerably on the other. However, especially in today's time with the greatest competitive pressure and small margins, reproducible profitability is an important requirement for survival on the market.

The covertec tools do not eliminate the human errors during assembly, which can lead to assembly damage, but prevent or reduce their effects. Be it when attaching the tool by giving it a guide through the covertec equipment, or in the event that the tool slips off or falls out of your hand. The covertec equipment protects the vehicle surfaces from damage by the tool

Improve safety - avoid injuries

Injuries often occur, particularly when assembling vehicles, since the use of machine-driven tools often poses the risk that the assembly staff, with items of clothing, in particular gloves, get caught on the rotating tool parts and thus body parts could be entrained.
The resulting injuries often lead to longer absenteeism, which in turn represents a significant cost factor in assembly.

Thanks to the covertec equipment, many machine-driven tools can be made significantly safer. It envelops the rotating tool parts and thus effectively protects against injury.

covertec - also for your assembly tasks?

If security and paint protection are also an issue for your assembly tasks, then you should take a closer look at covertec.