firstmoves - tool management of today

Over 1,000 tightening operations by assembling a vehicle are not uncommon. Even more important is professional tool management to optimize processes.

This is exactly where firstmoves comes in and, on request, takes over the complete tooling of your assembly lines at a fixed price.


firstmoves - the flat rate package

firstmoves ensures that all screwing cases are documented in time for the start of your new assembly line and that each screwing case has been assigned a tool that is optimally matched to the respective screwing case. Everything is documented in a database with information about suppliers. At the start of production, all tools for the tightening cases are optimally coordinated. You can start with the assembly.

With firstmoves, ekatec guarantees that all the tools, required for your assembly, are available at the start of production - at a fixed price.

The know-how of the ekatec tool experts ensures that the best solution for the respective tightening tool manufacturer can be selected independently from the catalog tools available worldwide and can be tried out on site.
This means that up to 98% of tightening cases can be equipped with catalog tools immediately. For the remaining assembly cases, ekatec also takes on the construction and provision of special tools as part of firstmoves. ekatec also has the relevant expertise here

firstmoves - the project flow:

Scope, duration, goals - project planning

firstmoves starts project planning. In this phase, the scope, duration and goals of the project are determined.
The customer, OEM or the general contractor of the planned assembly line presents his project and the schedule so that the planning of the firstmoves project can be set up accordingly. The goals for the firstmoves project are defined on the basis of analyzes of previous assembly processes.

Goals include: Reduction of the variety of tools, smaller tool storage, avoidance of paint damage, better ergonomics, more safety, faster assembly, less costs ...

A project plan is then drawn up by ekatec and adopted by the customer as a basis for the work

Analysis phase - recording the current situation

Bolting cases are identified and analyzed as early as the planning phase of the new assembly line, and tools and manufacturer preferences previously used are included.
Due to the long-term cooperation with almost all well-known automobile manufacturers and the resulting experience, ekatec can solve up to 98% of screwing cases with standard / catalog tools from its delivery program.
Particular strengths here are the product areas of flat drives and covertec (tools that prevent damage to the paintwork). Ekatec is the global market leader here.
As a specialist in special tool construction, ekatec has been a valued partner of many development departments of European automobile manufacturers for years. If special tools are required in the assembly process, ekatec offers optimal solutions.

Tihgthening case recording, tool selection and test

In pre-series production, all screwing cases on the assembly line are recorded again under real conditions by the ekatec tool specialists, exactly described and tested.
Based on the results of the analysis phase, the ekatec employee brings along a tool selection that is already tailored to the individual screwdriving cases.
Together with those responsible for the assembly line and the fitters, it is checked whether the selection fits the respective screwing case optimally or whether readjustment is required.
With the help of the firstmoves test center, which provides a cross-section of the tool market with 1,200 tools, the most suitable tool is tested and determined on site at the assembly line.
Individual requests are taken into account, because not every tool that seems to be optimal in theory also meets the requirements of the mechanics in real work.

The firstmoves database creation

After all screwing cases on the assembly line have been recorded, described and tested, the construction of the firstmoves database begins at ekatec.
All screwing cases are entered with tool recommendations and supplier information for the tools. Each tightening case is clearly described in the database. The know-how of the ekatec tool specialists is also used here.
The possible tools are selected for each screwdriving application based on the framework conditions defined in the firstmoves project. Then the tools are coordinated with one another, for example with regard to tool life.
Paint protection and safety requirements influence the ranking of the possible tools for the individual screwing cases.
Taking all factors into account, the optimal tool is then determined for each individual screwdriving case. The same tools from different manufacturers are bundled into one manufacturer, taking into account any existing preferences - redundancies are thus avoided.
The tools are assigned to the individual screwdriving cases in the firstmoves database. Customer data, such as screwing lists, are checked and adopted on request.
All data relevant to tool procurement are stored in the database and alternative tools are shown. Finally, the database is finally completed.
At the same time, ekatec prepares the tools for the initial equipment of the assembly line

Database transfer

The database will be presented to future users in detail as part of a training course, either at ekatec GmbH or at the customer.
Then the firstmoves database goes into regular operation at the customer. There it is integrated into the logistics and procurement processes.
With their support, the user is always able to obtain the optimal tools for his new assembly line, regardless of the manufacturer.
Thanks to the clear connection of screwdriving case and tool, the optimal tool can be made available at any time with the help of this database, even when moving the assembly line or with the same screwing case in other projects.

Initial tooling and process support

According to the links in the firstmoves database, ekatec equips the assembly screwing cases with the tools.
This manufacturer-independent initial tooling ensures that production runs smoothly and on time.
The tools are delivered individually packaged. A final check is carried out at ekatec before shipping. A reliable logistics partner delivers the tools on the agreed date.
They are marked in such a way that they are optimally integrated into the logistics processes of the vehicle manufacturer and can also be assigned directly to the screwing cases in the assembly line.
On request, ekatec can accompany the assembly process for a defined period.

Project completion

After the firstmoves database has been handed over and series production has started, the firstmoves project is usually complete. The course of the project is analyzed again as part of a final discussion. At this point, the first data on the development of costs and assembly times are already available, so that the success of the project can already be seen.
The increases in quality and other positive developments due to the firstmoves project can be measured and analyzed. After the firstmoves project has been completed, ekatec GmbH will of course continue to be available as a tool specialist and reliable supplier.

The benefits

firstmoves - the process advantages

  • reduces assembly Errors
  • avoids surface damage during vehicle Assembly
  • increases security
  • avoids redundancies
  • optimizes tool life
  • guarantees a smooth start to assembly

firstmoves - the economic advantages

  • speeds up assembly
  • reduces assembly costs
  • increases quality
  • lowers tooling and inventory costs
  • guarantees procurement costs at a fixed price

Tool management also for your assembly lines?

If you want to benefit from optimized tool management when setting up a new assembly line, you should get to know our firstmoves experts.